Biome Assignment

Every Student is needing to write a Chapter in our class Biome Book

To refresh your mind on what a Biome is visit

The following students have chosen chapters, if you have no assignment by your name then you need to email me and let me know which one you are doing. The Microsoft document or iOS document is due by midnight on Monday. Send the work to

Urban Biome
Highland Desert
Temporate Forest
Marine Aphotic
Marine Costal Biome
Tidal Zone
Freshwater River
Temproate forest
Marine Photic
Tropical Rain forest
Coral Reef
Freshwater lake
Freshwater Stream and River

As a guideline for your report you may incorporate the following into your work:
Introduction of your Biome;
Who are the organisms (biotic factors) of the Biome;
What type of abiotic factors are found at the biome;
When do things change if at all in the biome;
Where the biome is found in relationship to the biosphere;
Why is the biome important and what role dose it play in the biosphere.

Don't forget the bibliography listing your sources of information and the pictures.