Dear Physics Students,

You were given your assignments from Kinetics Notes part 1. You need not do all the problems on the page only those pages assigned as follows:

Hero will do pages 3, 13, 23
Ji-Yeon will do pages 4, 14, 24
Ray will do pages 5, 15, 25
Sang woo will do pages 6, 16, 26
Sky will do pages 7, 17, 27
Tsuyoshi will do pages 8, 18, 28
Zeinab will do pages 11,12, 19
Lawrence will chose one from each column for a total of three

That means all the questions on the page, and yes some pages have more questions than others.

Extra points will given to students who not only do their hardcopy answers, but to those who make digital solutions as students will be presenting their answers in class.

Write to me if you have questions.


Dr. Scott