All emails to Dr. Scott must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Use clear, full sentences with correct punctuation.
    • Proper nouns like your name must be capitalized
    • Use punctuation marks like periods and commas appropriately and no exclamation marks unless you really want to be yelling.
    • Do not write in all CAPITAL LETTERS that is yelling.
  2. Use the spell check to insure that you're using correct spelling and not spelling cat with a "K" like Dr. Scott does.
  3. Do not use SMS or cellphone text language.
    • Do not abbreviate words like you would when you write a text message to a friend. Use a formal style of communication in the letter. This will be good practice when you go to the university and are communicating with your professors.
  4. Address the email to to insure that it arrives.
  5. Begin the letter with a formal salutation, like “Dr. Scott,” or “Dear Dr. Scott.” Do not begin the letter Hi, Howdy, hello or in any other informal way.
  6. Now insert the body of your letter, which is when you tell me why you are writing and what I can do for you.
  7. Next, place any questions you have in the letter (don't forget to use the question mark '?"), and make a conclusion.
  8. Finally, end the email with a formal closing, like “Sincerely.” Then skip a line and write your name below the closing like you would if you were writing a hard copy letter. Remeber the first work of the closing is capatalised and then you use a comma before you go to the next line and insert your name.
  9. Most of all, please check and proofread your email prior to sending and that way you will insure it is as free of errors as possible.
  10. In the event that you attach to the email a file, be sure the file name contains your name after the original name of the file. If the file is an original creation then please be sure your name is in the file name.
    • For example:
      • The original file was evolution_data.doc
      • When you resend the assignment back you should rename the file as evolution_data Johnny Appleseed.doc
      • Some files will be original creations, such as when you are sending a presentation that you made on water, give the file a name like,
            • Water-Report_Johnny_Appleseed.ppt or
            • Johnny_Appleseed_report_on_Water_Quality.pptx

Look at how I write letters to you and use the same format.


Dear Dr. Scott,

I have included this weekend's assignment in this email. I have a question about problem 5 on page 108. Do I need to graph the data?


Johnny Appleseed